I Used to be An “Inflexible Person”

Then This Happened:

Instead of wishing and hoping that I’d make a change in my body, I started using fun, smart exercises and followed a consistent practice.

I went from stiff as a board, barely able to sit on the ground without being hunched over, to gaining major increases in practical mobility.

If you’re anything like I was, you probably got really bored with traditional stretching. Maybe you even tried some yoga but it didn’t work for you.

Maybe you don’t want to be a contortionist or have gymnast level flexibility, but you would like to feel more freedom and less stiffness throughout the day.

The method I’d like to share with will help you:

  • Improve range of motion faster
  • Release built-up tension from too much sitting
  • Learn how to relax and “empty” your body from stress
  • Create practical, strong flexibility not just become “bendier”

“What if I’m stiff as a 2×4”?

The approach that I teach is based on body control first, that way you actually learn how to activate your muscles properly.

Once you know where to stretch from the results come a lot easier.

This is why most people that are “stiff as 2x4s” have trouble getting results, even with a lot of effort. They’re simply not stretching in a targeted, effective way.

I know because for years I tried doing “all the right things” (yoga, corrective exercises, physio work, etc.) and nothing really changed.

It wasn’t until I learn the principles of effective stretching that I finally made a breakthrough.

I’ve shared these same techniques with countless 1-on-1 clients with great effect, and now, I’m offering them to you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join today:

  • Six weeks of high value, body-transforming video lessons
  • Free bad jokes and antics
  • World-class support to troubleshoot your progress

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