Strength, Confidence and Pain-Free Movement to Live Your Best Life

The Physical Freedom podcast in a weekly show with an unconventional approach to fitness, hosted by me, Jonathan Mead. It's about developing a lifestyle of pain-free movement and feeling your best in your body. Sound up your alley? Here's where you can subscribe:

What makes this podcast different?

Pulling from my 10 years of experience as a coach and having worked with hundreds of students from diverse backgrounds, I've seen that people are craving something deeper with their bodies.

Less pushing and grinding. More moving and feeling better.

Less shame and guilting. More moving because it feels good (it can take time to develop this).

Less compartmentalizing fitness into a box. And more integrating movement into your lifestyle.
Physical Freedom


Embodying the Strongest You - Episode 009

There's one thing I know to be certain.

Wherever you're at it in life, you want more.

And what you think you're capable of, whether with your body or in life, is just a small fraction of your true potential.

When things get tough, we all have a choice. We can either collapse and make ourselves small, or we can rise and expand.

Today's a special edition of the podcast I don't think you'll want to miss.

This is one you'll want to share as well. Because I believe motivation and hope is a contagion we want to spread right now.

Listen up: it's time to rise.

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This isn't about just hacking, it's about going deep to unlock your physical freedom so you can be your best self in the world.

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