Four Restorative Primal Movements to Relieve Aches and Pains

Your body never evolved for the modern lifestyle. In reality, as far as your body’s concerned, it still thinks you’re hunting and gathering. But since most of us aren’t going back to that lifeway anytime soon, the best we can do is break up our day with more movement. These are the primal patterns I… Continue Reading

How to Move More Without Needing More Time

Today I want to show you how I integrate natural movement all throughout my day. The best part is that doing these things doesn’t take more time because I’ve found ways to integrate movement without it being separate “training time.” Don’t get me wrong, I love training, and have dedicated space in my day for… Continue Reading

Three Simple Techniques to Get Flexible Faster

If you’re struggling to make progress in your flexibility, I get it. Every day I would stretch, but saw little to no improvement in my range of motion. It seemed no matter what I did I felt stiff. Even something as simple as sitting on the ground was hard for me. I could barely last… Continue Reading

A Simple Flexibility Routine for Fixing Your Deep Squat

The deep, flat-footed squat is one of the top three movements we all don’t get enough of in our culture. It’s one of the first diagnostic movements I have my students do in my private sessions and group classes. It tells me a lot about their limitations and what injuries they might be susceptible to.… Continue Reading

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