Do You Really Need Accountability?

What if the real reason we needed accountability wasn’t because we’re lazy, or unmotivated? What if it was because we didn’t care enough about the goal in the first place? What are your thoughts on this? Share in the Art of True Strength Facebook group. Continue Reading

The Missing Link for True Core Strength and Back Pain

If you’re struggling with chronic back pain, tight hips and stretching hasn’t worked, there’s a reason for that. Most likely you’re not activating the right core musculature, particularly the TVA to properly stabilize your spine. In this video we talk about the importance of activation before building muscle and why it’s often the most overlooked aspect… Continue Reading

How This Busy Doctor Unlocked Her Physical Potential

As a busy doctor, Sam struggled for years with boring exercises to reclaim her mobility. She wanted to finally get the splits, backbends and other creative movements to give her more creative expression as a dancer. The problem was most routines felt like a chore — boring and repetitive. Even with years of yoga training, the… Continue Reading

Three Keys to an Unstoppable Body (Beyond Rah-Rah Motivation)

If you’ve ever tried to motivate your way to getting in shape, or reaching your goals, you’ve probably found it’s a losing battle. In this podcast I talk about why motivation doesn’t work, and the three key ingredients you really need to build an unstoppable body. You have big things you want to do in… Continue Reading

Beginner Natural Movement Routine You Can Do Anywhere

Why is ground movement so beneficial for your body? Well, it’s quite literally the foundation (pun intended) of mobility and strength. The more easily you can move on the ground, and get up and down from the ground, the more likely you are to ward off injury and keep your joints strong and healthy. One… Continue Reading

The One Natural Movement You Should Master First

In the last post I talked about the importance of needing a bridge. Something to help you go from gym “captivity” and sedentary living to your natural, robust, body that’s lying dormant in your DNA. But how do you get there? There are so many movements you could focus on after all… Walking Tumbling Crawling… Continue Reading

Introducing the Found My Flexibility Challenge

Introducing the Found My Flexibility Challenge

Welcome to the challenge! If you haven’t signed up for the emails yet, make sure you do that here. Your challenge for today is to do: 90/90 sit – stretch for two minutes on each side — remember to be active and explore your range of motion Opening and closing the 90/90 x 8 repetitions… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Stretch for Tight Calves and Hamstrings

This is the swiss army knife of any tension in the back of the leg, from the achilles to calves to hamstrings. If you struggle with the downward dog, forward fold, back rounding in the deadlift, or any position that involves bending at the hips, this is going to be absolute 💵💵💵 for you. Instructions: Keep the… Continue Reading

Six Keys to Flexibility that Aren’t Stretching

If you’re stiff as hell, even though you’re stretching, or you just want to cure tension at the root, this video is for you. I guarantee you probably haven’t heard 90% of this stuff before. It’s the missing link most people aren’t getting and the reason they’re struggling with chronic tension. Watch the whole thing,… Continue Reading

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