Join The 30 Day Deep Squat Challenge

I’m challenging you to squat 10 minutes a day, for the next 30 days.

The only thing it requires is a body (you’ve got one, right?), a little bit of resolve and some practical progressions. I’ve got you covered on the last part.

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Three Reasons To Squat Everyday

Squat Anywhere1. It keeps you strong and mobile

You don’t have to force yourself through another boring workout like a zombie. Start actually working toward gaining new skills and more confidence in your body.

And oh yeah, having fun is important.

2. You can do it anywhere (it’s the natural human resting position)

Mindless rep counting leads to meatheadification and often times, injury. Instead, use smart progressions that actually help you level up.

3. You’ll be less prone to injury

You only get one life, why not find out just how much of a badass you can become?

Starting today, you can create a lifestyle of movement, rather than endlessly seeking a faster mile or more weight on your bench press.

Join the Challenge

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