Want to overcome your flexibility limits and master the deep squat?

Primal Squat Mobility RoutineI created a simple, daily routine you can do anywhere to master the deep squat in 10 minutes a day.

Janet jumping in the forest

“I have been working on my squat since January and your tips help me to make sure I do the little movements every day. I especially like that you mentioned there is no perfect squat, it is different for everyone.” -Janet Beenen

Why focus on the deep squat?

The primal, flat-footed squat is one of the best entry-points to moving naturally.

Mastering it can help you:

  • Rehab your body from our domesticated, sitting culture
  • Open your hips and relieve lower back pain
  • Reconnect you to moving like a human again
  • Look like a weirdo when you’re squatting while everyone else is sitting

Just kidding on the last part. The folks just sitting there are the real weirdos.

The best part is once you own this position, it can help you move more freely on the ground, with less pain and discomfort.

“But Jonathan, I can’t squat without falling over, and my legs burn like an angry toddler that just got his toy taken away from him.”

I know, I know. That’s why I created the squat mobility routine you can do anywhere.

If you have some floor, or a patch of dirt, I’ve got you covered. Best part is that it only takes 10 measly minutes a day.

Just click the button and tell me where to send your body-leveling up routine.

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