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Take on the feral mindset.

How to Decolonize Your Mind: On Earning the Right to Live

How to Decolonize Your Mind: On Earning the Right to Live

I’ve been struggling the past few months with creating content here on this blog. My impulse is to make everything epic, to fit into the mold of headline formulas and content marketing frameworks. I want all my content to be deeply valuable, to be unmissable, to shake things up in a big way. Part of… Continue Reading

Doors, Not Windows, Open Spaces, Not Cages

A movement can be a door or a window. An easy example of this is the squat. The squat as an exercise or a resting posture is simply a window one looks out of. It’s a nice place to visit, but it doesn’t really take you anywhere else. You’ve arrived at the destination, you see some… Continue Reading

Why Preparation Is Overrated

Preparation is hugely overrated. Many of us spend our lives preparing, training and “getting ready” only to wake up one day wondering when the hell we’re ever going to arrive. Preparing to be generous Maybe you’re working on your finances and really want to get to a place of stability and independence before you focus… Continue Reading

Shitty Beliefs = Shitty Body

Most people these days are realizing that their thoughts create their destinies. It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that better thinking, means a better attitude, which leads to better action and a better life. In a very real way, your thoughts really do create your reality. We have no problem applying this principle… Continue Reading

Is It Burning a Hole Inside You?

“The aim is not to quench your thirst. The aim is to develop the perfect thirst, so that you never stop drinking.” —Sufi Teaching You probably don’t believe me when I say this, but I’ll tell you anyway: Somewhere inside you is a vision for your life that has the fuel of a thousand suns.… Continue Reading

Show Up Anyway, Whether You Feel Like it or Not

We are all busy people. We all have a lot going on. The demands are not decreasing. Life is not getting any easier or any less challenging. Yet, every day we wake up and make a choice. We get to decide whether today we will live deliberately, consciously, on our terms. We get to choose… Continue Reading

The 30 Day Primal Squat Challenge

I’m challenging you to squat every day, for the next 30 days. The flat-footed squat is the natural human resting position. Before the modern advent of death-by-sitting, we would naturally rest in the squatted position. This is the natural, portable, goes-with-you-anywhere “chair.” Squatting is not an exercise. At least not the type of squatting we’re doing here.… Continue Reading

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