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The Missing Link for True Core Strength and Back Pain

If you’re struggling with chronic back pain, tight hips and stretching hasn’t worked, there’s a reason for that. Most likely you’re not activating the right core musculature, particularly the TVA to properly stabilize your spine. In this video we talk about the importance of activation before building muscle and why it’s often the most overlooked aspect… Continue Reading

Stiff, Cranky Hips? Use This Daily Mobility Routine

Stiff, Cranky Hips? Use This Daily Mobility Routine

Stiff, tight hips are no fun. They can limit you in all sorts of activities, from running to climbing, to martial arts, or just plain moving around doing daily activities. My hips took a beating from years of sitting at a 9 to 5 desk job, and they’re still recovering. But with daily practice and self-care… Continue Reading

A Simple Flexibility Routine for Fixing Your Deep Squat

The deep, flat-footed squat is one of the top three movements we all don’t get enough of in our culture. It’s one of the first diagnostic movements I have my students do in my private sessions and group classes. It tells me a lot about their limitations and what injuries they might be susceptible to.… Continue Reading

My Morning Routine: How I Uncage Daily

My Morning Routine: How I Uncage Daily

A few days ago in our private little community I asked if people wanted to see my morning ritual. You guys responded with a resounding yes, so I went out to Mt. Tabor and recorded this video for you. Of course, there are many layers to it, and I could create several hours worth of video… Continue Reading

How to Move Like a Hero: The Daily Practice (3 of 5)

Note: This is a follow up to The Ultimate Guide to Superhuman Movement. Please read it first if you haven’t yet. Ever since I can remember Bruce Lee was my hero. Wanting to be like him was what got me into Jeet Kune Do. Coveting skills like the one-inch-punch, the “dragon flag” and two-finger pushups was… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Superhuman Movement (2 of 5)

Note: This is a follow up to this post, about how the old world of fitness died. Read it here if you haven’t yet. I’m sure my story isn’t much different than yours. It all started when I was a kid watching shows like WCW and The Karate Kid. And although I didn’t know it… Continue Reading

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