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Primal Foundations Workout

Primal Foundations Workout

Don’t be fooled by this workout. It might seem simple at first, but it is deceptively powerful. If you practice these movements enough, you’ll begin creating a strong foundation for more advanced primal movements. If the exercises become too easy, you can increase the difficult by speeding them up, or by adding more time or… Continue Reading

Daily Squat Mobility Routine

Is your squat super tight? Do you have trouble keeping your back straight and not falling over? You are definitely not alone. As humans we should be able to go in and out of the squat with relative ease. It is after all, the “natural chair.” However, sitting shortens our hamstrings and tightens the hip… Continue Reading

[Video] How to do the Deep, Flat-Footed Squat

As you’ve probably been hearing me talk about, squatting is the natural human resting position. I’m not talking about squatting as an exercise, or barbell squatting. I’m talking about the deep, flat-footed squat. Some people call this the “ass to grass” squat. This posture is how we evolved to “sit” before the modern use of… Continue Reading

The 30 Day Primal Squat Challenge

I’m challenging you to squat every day, for the next 30 days. The flat-footed squat is the natural human resting position. Before the modern advent of death-by-sitting, we would naturally rest in the squatted position. This is the natural, portable, goes-with-you-anywhere “chair.” Squatting is not an exercise. At least not the type of squatting we’re doing here.… Continue Reading

Beginner Primal Movements to Rehab Modern Captivity

These are some of the movements I play with frequently in my daily movement practice. They are essential primal patterns that are accessible to anyone (minus the headstand, that’s just for fun). In reality, we shouldn’t have to turn any of these things into a “practice” or “workout” — we’d do them automatically in nature.… Continue Reading

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