It’s Not Too Late, F*ck Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise

It’s Not Too Late, F*ck Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise

7min read. It was my third chiropractic visit and the seventh person I had seen that year to try to fix my shoulder (not to mention nagging issues with my neck and hip). “It’s probably just like that,” he said. “You might as well get used to it.” I had been dealing with a reality… Continue Reading

Stiff, Cranky Hips? Use This Daily Mobility Routine

Stiff, Cranky Hips? Use This Daily Mobility Routine

Stiff, tight hips are no fun. They can limit you in all sorts of activities, from running to climbing, to martial arts, or just plain moving around doing daily activities. My hips took a beating from years of sitting at a 9 to 5 desk job, and they’re still recovering. But with daily practice and self-care… Continue Reading

Stiff From Too Much Sitting? Here’s the Cure

Stretching and getting up to take breaks is great, but we all know it’s a temporary fix. If you want to get at the root and cure your sitting stiffness, watch this video and follow the steps I recommend: Subscribe for more valuable videos If you want to make a big transformation in your body… Continue Reading

How to Exercise Every Day with the Visual Trigger Technique

Being a person longer obsessed with self-development and productivity, I’ve long known that habits are the key to success. Consistency, not perfection is what separates high performers from the pack. If you’ve read at all about habits, you know there are a few key elements to building them: Trigger > Routine > Reward The trigger… Continue Reading

Four Restorative Primal Movements to Relieve Aches and Pains

Your body never evolved for the modern lifestyle. In reality, as far as your body’s concerned, it still thinks you’re hunting and gathering. But since most of us aren’t going back to that lifeway anytime soon, the best we can do is break up our day with more movement. These are the primal patterns I… Continue Reading

How to Move More Without Needing More Time

Today I want to show you how I integrate natural movement all throughout my day. The best part is that doing these things doesn’t take more time because I’ve found ways to integrate movement without it being separate “training time.” Don’t get me wrong, I love training, and have dedicated space in my day for… Continue Reading

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